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Testing Services

With our industry experience, the team is familiar with all of the major mobile operating systems and are equally well versed with back-end server and web technologies. Our in-house test team engages at the start of each and every development project to define an appropriate and effective test strategy; one that will ensure the final solution is robust and accounts for any possible edge cases that may occur including battery life and changing network conditions. Every product is tested at multiple stages through interim builds and a number of industry standard tools are deployed to ensure unrivalled and seamless quality.


QTP & LoadRunner, Selenium, Mantis, JUint/NUint, Rational Robot & Functional Tester


Effort Variance, Schedule Variance, Defect Density, Defect Validity, Defect Leakage, Productivity

Testing Type

Functional, Regression, Integration, Performance, Load, Scalability, Reliability


Usability, Application, Security, Compatability


Windows, Unix, Linux, Android, iOS

Application Testing Consulting

Evaluation of clients’ testing services Suggestions on what changes need to be made in testing process creating a strategy.

Functional Testing

Complete Application Lifecycle Testing Manual and Automated Testing Risk-based Testing that is aligned with varied models

Performance Testing

Testing performance requirements, Defining, structure and modifications Scalability, Stress, Load and Volume driven testing

Terminal Operations Testing

Turn-key business approach Tied-in Functional and Performance Testing

Usability Testing

Evaluation of Usability of Applications User Interface validation

Device Testing

Done using simulated environments Tied-in Functional, Automated and Performance testing

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