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Software Architectural

Robust advanced architectural foundation is required for any software to be agile, responsive, scalable & reliable. Our ideaVat software architecture team can help organizations facing software system problems such as poor quality—seen in, for example, systems crashing or behaving unpredictably, or users judging that a system is unusable. Or slow time to market—seen in missed integration deadlines due to difficulty in identifying root causes of problems.

Our services include

Architecture Consulting

As new technologies emerge to tackle business problems, it is critical for companies to carefully deploy them using sound architecture principles. we have the technological and domain expertise to know which set of technologies and tools work best for your IT and business environment.

Solution Architecture

From product portfolio engineering to legacy modernization projects, Our services-oriented architecture (SOA) engineers can handle whatever you bring to us. We build robust IT infrastructures for global retail, manufacturing, automobile, insurance, travel and transportation, and high tech clients.

Architecture-Led Engineering

Once new technologies are deployed, companies often struggle with integration test and performance engineering. Our architects take an engineering lifecycle approach to ensure successful deployment, incorporating proven methodologies for coding, system integration and application test.

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