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Enterprise Services

ideaVat provides an enriched suite of Enterprise services of an over-arching term to describe an architecture combining engineering discipline and computer science to solve all practical business problems. We offer a unique, tailor made customer experience of services which is designed to aggregate and personalize information through application specific solutions.

Enterprise Development

Our Enterprise portal development services helps deliver operational services to users and operators for end-to-end insights across the entire business. It provides deep visibility into log-ins, work flows, operational activities, configurations and the security of your server & network elements, customer insights whether in traditional data centers or distributed cloud infrastructures.

E-Commerce Portal

When it comes to building eCommerce, technology which makes it easily possible is the mobile technology. Those who come to the Shopping areas need not stand in line for their goods’ billing. They can pick the goods, pay and take away. Our solution is one stop solution for the end-to-end commerce needs which gets complex with every business case added in their daily functionality

ERP Implementation

Our efficient, broad and independent experience allows clients to implement ERP more effectively rather than focus strictly on the functional or technical aspects of an implementation.

Enterprise Integration

Choosing the right technology for your environment is just the first step. Assembly, integration and programming for a converged infrastructure can all pose challenges that delay system setup. We’ll work with you to assemble, integrate, program, configure, warehouse and deploy your IT infrastructure, regardless of your current data center environment.

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