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Increase Business Agility and Maximize Innovation

ideaVat accelerates digital transformation with managed cloud services for SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. With a minimum of effort, and then quickly transition from development to mission critical operations with business continuity and availability. meanwhile, eliminates investment risk.

Size and Price SAP HANA

Start exploring SAP HANA cloud configurations including pricing across all AWS consumption models and Azure standard pricing.

  • Explore all Certified SAP HANA Cloud Configurations.
  • Analyze AWS & Azure laaS pricing.
  • Save and share configurations and pricing with your team.

Jumpstart SAP HANA POC

Not fully decided on your SAP HANA use case and deployment option? Leverage cloud for a low cost, no risk POC.

  • Start your HANA POC w/out up front invest or cost.
  • Flexibly consume needed system resources via hourly subscription and pay-as-you-go.
  • Make an educated decision on SAP HANA in the cloud versus on-premise.

SAP HANA Dev & Test

Deploy elastic cloud infrastructure for SAP HANA Dev & Test combined with existing on-premise SAP HANA infrastructure

  • Provision Dev and test system as needed and accelerate business innovation.
  • Ensure development artifacts through immediate backup and point-in-time recovery.
  • Save infrastructure cost via automatic system idle detection and simple on/off.

Hybrid Cloud AWS | Azure

Pursue a strategic multi-vendor strategy with a hybrid SAP HANA deployment spanning AWS and Azure.

  • Leverage unique ideaVat capabilities on either AWS, Microsoft, Azure or both.
  • Rely on strict security separation between both clouds despite the single pain of glass.
  • De risk your business via dual cloud provider strategy and maintain your negotiations leverage.

Achieve Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Security

SAP HANA Production

Replace CAPEX with OPEX and minimum your dependence on hard to find SAP HANA experts and skills

  • Leverage broad offering of SAP production certified SAP HANA instances.
  • Only provision currently needed SAP HANA infrastructure and scale with business growth.
  • Scale system or refresh infrastructure at the push of a button.

On-prem Backup to AWS | Azure

Add powerful backup and recovery capabilities to an existing on-premise SAP HANA deployment

  • Frequent scheduled full SAP HANA backup plus on-going delta backups.
  • Defined backup retention and deletion protection via “Golden Backup”.
  • Mitigate system issues lime corruption via point-in-time recovery.

One-click Disaster Recovery

Secure your on-prem SAP HANA based business against natural and other disasters without expensive redundant systems.

  • Prepare for business continuity in the face generally growing risk profiles.
  • Easily recover systems back on-prem or into the cloud.
  • Achieve industry reading recovery point (RPO) and time objective (RTO).

SAP HANA Upgrade Testing

Stay up to date on latest SAP HANA revisions with reduced cost and risk

  • Provision temporary SAP HANA laaS at incremental defined cost.
  • Automatically and with minutes install target SAP HANA revision to be tested.
  • Rely on automated testing and manually run customer specific test cycles.

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