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Protect Your Vendor Independence

Every infrastructure provider has one thing and only one thing on their mind; getting you to commit 100% to their platform, and to leverage proprietary features that lock you in to that platform for life. Sometimes the value added is worth the lock-in, sometimes it isn’t. The question for each company is when to avoid lock-in, and when to tolerate it.

How We Enable Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

With several years of experience working with customers of all shapes, sizes, and priorities, ideaVat understands when proprietary cloud features can help, and when they should be avoided. ideaVat can help you avoid lock-in, or tolerate it with contingency plans to maintain your negotiating leverage with your providers.

Multi-Cloud Capabilities

  • Multi-Cloud Strategy
  • Workload Portability
  • Contingency Planning
  • Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery

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