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We help customers get the most out of cloud, creating powerful managed hybrid cloud services ,that solve business problems, accelerate time to market, resolve deployment challenges, empower teams and enhance processes.

Building IT Yourself Is Expensive And Time Consuming

Organizations of all sizes are looking to benefit from the agility and scalability of cloud infrastructure, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. In order to take full advantage of these platforms, organizations need to expand their capabilities. Not only do they need to learn new technologies, but they need to have the architecture expertise to build highly available services on top of infrastructure that is fundamentally different.

The skillset required is highly sought after, and highly compensated. Companies quickly find that it is not enough to budget for a single DevOps or Site Reliability Engineer. Turnover can be high, and without an organization to back that engineer, organizational capabilities are often lost with each new hire, leaving the next one to pick up the pieces.

The minimum size of a DevOps or SRE team is 3, with one leader and two engineers. The fully burdened cost could easily exceed $600K / year.

Eliminate The Time And Cost

For customers who need the capability, but don’t have the scale to justify this expense, ideaVat offers its Site Reliability Engineering Service. We staff each customer with a leader and two engineers, and put in place the tools required for our customers to retain the capability. The customer benefits from a consistent set of resources (not a NOC), and immediately benefits from the practices and tools that ideaVat has implemented for many of its customers, accelerating the capability. ideaVat is fully responsible for staffing, turnover, cross training, etc. Our customers only pay for what they need, starting at as low as $48K per year.

Lowest Management Cost As % Of TCO

You win, we win. You lose, we lose. We do not price our management services as a percentage of your AWS bill like most other companies. It doesn’t make sense and the economic motivation is all wrong. Our most profitable customers are our happiest, and spend the least as a percentage of total cloud cost (TCO) on managed services. Our goal is to make your AWS environment reliable and efficient to grow your company, not your spend.

Tools We Use To Make SRE Happen

Configuration Management

  •  Ansible
  •  Chef
  •  Puppet
  •  Salt

Microservice Architecture

  •  Docker
  •  Consul
  •  Kubernetes
  •  Mesos

Infrastructure Automation

  •  Packer
  •  Terraform
  •  Boto
  •  Lita

Reliability Parameters We Take Care Of

  •  Root Cause Analysis
  •  Infrastructure Architecture
  •  Management
  •  Cost Optimization
  •  Platform maintenance
  •  Auto Scaling
  •  Continuous Deployment
  •  Reactive Troubleshooting and support
  •  Automation
  •  Security
  •  Infrastructure as Code
  •  Disaster Recovery Planning
  •  Provisioning
  •  Self Healing

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