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Our clients are often eager to build their in-house innovation capability, but usually postpone the “getting started” date because of the current business fires (short-term revenue) that they need to douse. ideaVat steps in during the ideation phase to specifically define the role innovation needs to play in delivering growth and review the building blocks — Where to focus innovation? Is innovation needed to establish brands or redefine existing brands? Does the organization have the skillset needed for the next phase of innovation and growth? Which business metrics should be used to measure innovation?

If innovation were easy, everyone would be doing it. The truth is it’s difficult. But precisely because innovation is rare, those who manage to crack the code will achieve big wins for their organizations. The timeframe for innovation, from capability-building through to commercialization, can take several months and sometimes, years. Alongside this challenging but satisfying journey, establishing and capturing metrics is a separate journey of its own!

Once the definition is nailed down, execution is key.

Outstanding concepts and designs are vital, but insignificant if they cannot be delivered. We at ideaVat know how to make it work for you through our actions. We partner with ur clients to galvanize innovation nd deliver impact.

We make it easy…

We have all of these skills in one place and as a result we keep things simple, stress free and continually creative. We can assist in either one of the below or the entire process from ideation to go-to-market.

  • Strategy and planning
  • Creative direction
  • Technical management
  • Project management

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